IndieGamers is a non-profit association for tabletop role playing, war gaming, and narrative boardgames.
Everyone is welcome to participate, and we are driven by the passion of our members!

Becoming a member... Our Articles of Association


  • Hosting and playing games with others
  • Collecting games and their ephemera
  • Discussing the hobby with others
  • Artwork! Scenery, minis, illustration, etc.
  • Designing games and playable content
  • Promoting the hobby in the region


  • Meet-ups and workshops
  • Physical spaces to play
  • Advertise and join games
  • Game materials and community expertise
  • Online resources, including our Discord server


  • People from all backgrounds and walks of life
  • Gamers, writers, artists, designers, & publishers
  • Diverse game themes, styles, and genres


  • We treat each other with respect and kindness
  • We follow through on commitments made
  • We engage with a sense of curiosity, starting from an assumption of good faith
  • We co-create a vibrant and supportive environment for everyone in the hobby
  • "Guilds" take on quests for the association


  • Timely reporting of activities and finances
  • Memebership meetings to forge direction
  • Membership consultations and communication


  • Everyone is welcome to participate
  • Paying members vote on association matters
  • Resources, recognition, and appreciation are shared


  • We do not tolerate, support, or host spaces in which harassment, bullying, or other mistreatment occurs under any circumstance
  • All participants, regardless of their age, race, culture, religion, gender, economic standing, political affiliation, abilities, etc. are treated fairly and as equals
  • When misunderstandings occur, we commit to working together to resolve them in good-faith
  • Anyone not able to meet these commitments will be asked to leave for the betterment and health of the association
  • Our Community Liaison is available for all members to reach out to, under complete confidentiality, should they need or want support