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Minipainting Workshop

5 people are going!

Come paint minis

21draw - How to Bring Your Characters to Life

Arts & Crafts
5 people are going!

Level: Beginner Length: 2h 28m (+ breaks to follow up) Medium: Digital or traditional

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand Basic Anatomy of the Face
  • Master the Art of Engaging Facial Expressions
  • Learn about Body Composition to Create Proportionate Characters
  • Become Adept at Constructing the Body from Shapes
  • Create a Vision Board from Reference Photos
  • Develop your Skills in Drawing a Character from References
  • Understand the Key Essentials and Tools Needed for Growth as an Artist

Please o…

Minipainting Workshop

6 people are going!

Come paint minis

Minipainting Workshop

3 people are going!

Come paint minis

Kingdom Death: Killenium Butcher

Various Games
4 people are going! Fully booked!

Max 4 people. This will be a playthrough of the Vignette of death from Kingdom Death Monster facing off against the Killenium Butcher.

The system is crunchy so be prepared.

IGZ Weekend Social: Brighter Worlds Edition!

13 people are going! 11 spots left

The IGZ Weekend Social returns! This time our Saturday will consist of a 4 GM (Aaron, Greg, Jess & Allan) play test of “Brighter Worlds” https://www.brighterworldsrpg.com/

Players will create characters then delve into serious silly stuff :)

Sign up early as there are only 20 spaces for players.


Drink & Draw April

Arts & Crafts
Starbucks Stauffacher, upstairs at the big table
4 people are going!

Join us for some drawing, writing and rpg chatting!

Please sign up by Thursday before the event so I can confirm the reservation.

— Important — Interested is a signup, if you cancel later than the day before please send me a DM If you arrive later please send me a DM so we’ll make sure to keep you a spot

21draw - Fundamentals of Drawing

Arts & Crafts
5 people are going!

Level: Beginner Length: 2h 45m (+ breaks to follow up) Medium: Digital or traditional

What you’ll learn:

  • The Loomis method for drawing proportions of the face
  • Structure of the body’s anatomy using grids
  • How to draw hands correctly
  • Use the dot method to draw difficult body parts
  • Understand the theory of perspective: the five different point perspectives
  • Discover the essential aspects of gesture drawing, eg: Line of Action, Weight
  • Turn complex shapes into basic blocks
  • Draw realist…

The Marvellous Winterthur Social

Quartierverein Wildbach-Langgasse
12 people are going!

Welcome to the Winti social! Doors open at 18h but we will chat and have fun for 30-40 minutes before beginning with the games. No stress to arrive!

  • Entree fee is 5F, will be used to buy snacks and rent the room!
  • You can bring your own food and drinks, but please take trash home!
  • We close doors at 23h!

Have fun everyone :) If you register make sure to be able to come, so we know how many GMs we need. If you want to run a game tell us! Anyone can try!