21draw - Designing Fun Animal Characters (part 2/2)

Arts & Crafts

Level: Beginner Medium: digital/traditional (some parts will be exclusively digital)

  • Create a variety of adorable animal characters
  • Master simple perspective techniques to make your character feel more 3D
  • Use references to accurately portray animal characteristics and features
  • Draw dynamic poses that express the character’s personality
  • Simple techniques to create outfits and accessories
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop for raster-based drawing
  • How to use Adobe Illustrator for vector-based drawing
  • Learn versatile drawing techniques to make any character look cute and chubby
  • Handy tools and techniques to level up your digital illustrations and workflow
  • Use your creations for different purposes, like product design, brand identity, stickers, etc.
  • Follow a client brief to design a character professionally and export it in the right formats

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